Performance Reports

 Odoo business intelligent reports (P&L,Cashflow,Cash reports, Executive Sumaries,Aged Payables/Receivables).

 Annotate any report (Add notes).

 Customizable dashboards reports.

 Customizable KPI's (Gross Margin, Growth Rate).

 Financial Statements

 Profit & Loss statement.

 Balance Sheet.

  Cashflow statements

 General ledgers.

 Consolidated journal reports.

 Tax reports.

Analytic Accounting

   Automatically stricture your analytic accounts based on projects, contracts, departments, etc.

  Allocate one accounting entry into multiple analytic accounts by using analytics tags and flexible distribution.

  Access reports on your analytic accounts with hierarchy and subtotals.


 Automatic Invoicing.

 Customer access portal.

 Renewal alerts.

Recurring revenues & extras.

Assets & Revenues

 Fixed Assets Registers management.

 Budget management.

 Revenue recognition concepts.

 Revenue dashboard. 


 Sales Module

 Purchasing Module

Inventory Module


 Customer portal.

Customers have free access to their accounts to access invoices, order statuses, track payment etc.