Inventory is King! 

Odoo inventory management manages your inventory & multiple warehouses 100%.

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Multi Warehouse Management

 Manage multiple warehouses from one system.

 Transfer stock between warehouses.

 Manage locations within warehouses.

 Warehouse routes management.

Link different POS to different locations/warehouses.​



 Manage put away rules.

 Define your stock strategies (FIFO,LIFO etc.)

Perform physical counts per warehouse. 

 Adjust inventory with approval levels.

 Manage Back orders.

 Attach scanners to quickly scan products.

 Attach photos to all products.

 Print labels for all products.

General Operations

 Multiple locations management.

 Delivery orders management.

 Incoming inventory management.

Products scraping.

Inventory adjustments.

Stock transfers.

Multi Level Routing


 Put away & removal rules.

 Cross Docking.



Other Features

 Create minimum stock levels.

 Request for quotations.

 Serial numbers tracking.

 Automatic stock valuation.

1.Inventory Valuation

Value your inventory automatically using your preferred method ( FIFO,LIFO,AVCO).


Get  a sneak peak of your inventory levels anytime. 

Forecast inventory based or purchase orders and  sales orders.


The module integrates with ;





 Shipping Connectors